List disappeared from screen now the filter does not work


I have a relationship of user/cities and is many-to-many. I had a list that users can toggle their favorite cities. That works. I have a button that goes to another screen (the one that the list disappear). In this list I had the reversed information a list of cities that the user had not favorite.

Now no matter what I do I can not recreate this list. I’ve spent countless hours and nothing. I’m asking for help because I don’t know if I’m stupid or this is another bug that just appeared in Adalo because of the missing list like the drop down select issue that was working and does not work anymore.

Hi @adominicci !! :wave: :wave:
Can you explain a bit more? :blush:

Thanks @dilon_perera. Here are in 4 screenshots. The funny thing was that I made it worked before like I mentioned in my original post. I created a brand new app with only those two entities, just to make sure that’s not my relationships in my original app.

Here are my database collections:


And below what I want.

So you want to display favorite cities in the home screen and when the button click other cities should display and favorite cities should not display.

Am I right @adominicci ?

Exactly, that’s what I want. Like I mentioned I had it all setup and working and all of the sudden my list disappeared from the screen and this is where I’m at now. Bummer!

Great! Thank you for your help. Funny thing I’m a SQL developer in my regular job and I can easily do this with outer joins and searching for a null value.

But after 25 years coding I’m really happy with no-code for my side gigs.

Hi @adominicci,

List for the “Favourite” cities:

List for “Non-favourite” cities:
(Filter is Current City → Users → All)

Users and Cities have many-to-many relationship.

There is another option to do this via Junction/Associative table, though it is a bit more complex. In Adalo many-to-many relationships are not very fast (being an SQL developer you probably know why :slight_smile: ), but now they work much better than before.

Best regards, Victor.

It worked!!! Thank so much @Victor for the solution and @dilon_perera for caring about helping.