About Adalo's multiple list data


Doesn’t Adalo have a way to get the first data of multiple list data, like Bubble?

Unfortunately no.

But we can do workaround by setting the related sorting and make Maximum number of items as 1.

Adalo can make nested lists to get the items we are aiming.


Thank you.

Is it possible to add the above conditions in visibility?

I think possible, but need to have separate list for that, so we need to have multiple lists.

But the second list cannot hide first data, it will have to show it, so we get duplicates.

It is better to have id field, so we can differentiate between those records and do visibility according to this.

What’s the use case for this? What’re you trying to achieve?

I am creating a chat feature.

I want to create a function that gets the end of the message data and displays an icon if it is a post by the other person.

What I did is having last message text field and last sender user in conversation collection, and show them with visibility.

Saving another process to show list.

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