Using collection für visibility and actions

I am new to adalo. I want to make a simple app without users. Adalo shows me just a the "logged in user"and not the other collections I created. I simply dont want to use the user colection at all. I looked for 2 day and I found just examples with the user collection.

Hi @hesham,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

What kind of app you are trying to create and what you need to do currently?

Thank you

thank you @dilon_perera for the welcoming response
It is a simple app where u click on the lists items and it shows information abot it. The information are in the database.
I want to change visibility using boolean collection and record (not the standard user collection) but I can not see any collections in the drop list other than “the logged in user’s”
Note: i have deleted the log on screens

Does the list item data is passed to that screen where you trying to add the visibility conditions? Could you add some screenshots or a video of your setup?

Thank you @dilon_perera very much
when u said "Does the list item data is passed " I googled that and now I understand that data need to be passed with lists to screens.
Now another question, can I pass data to a one screen app (like directly by creating the app or clicking on a button on the same screen)

@hesham, could you explain this a bit more?

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