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hello everyone, I’m looking to make a multiple list, I don’t know if it’s possible in adalo
so this is a multiple list example,
Facebook is a good example:
so look at the posts that are like a list we see that there is a normal post and then videos as if it were a multiple list because in one part you have these videos and before you only have posts too
The publications are varied because one can be from groups, another from people or another to join groups, u guys know how to do this in Adalo?

Do you mean it’s a “list of multiple types” and Adalo let’s you only Choose “this is a list of Users” or “this is a list of Blog Posts” but not both together?

To be honest I don’t know, looking at Clone Facebook Clone to Jumpstart Your No Code App the list is also just of one type (blog posts). Maybe there are other cloneables that will show you the way?

Just an idea, maybe you need an entity in your database like “feed items”, and for all things you wanna list on that news feed page, you automatically create an according item with all the data you wanna show in your feed and its connected to the initial item that you can’t put into a list because lists can only lists one type?

So you have a “this is a list of feed items” list for your feed page.

Might be the wrong solution, just an idea…

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Thanks bro at night i will try it :+1:Thanks for answer

Cool let me know how it went for you. Curious myself, there must be a best practice for this. Cheers

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hi,yes i try but as you say adalo don’t let users make multiple lists just one list about something but in one list you can make another list and group all lists together. I’m experimenting with it, but I think I’m getting it. Soon I will tell you my progress, regards

sounds like a plan, maybe it’s even more flexible this way than the initial common approach.

not sure if the meme is known but i had to… cheers


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hahaha yes I’m trying to do it but I can’t but I’m trying I’ll tell you my progress when I can, if I succeed… :saluting_face:

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