Is Adalo still slow?

Hi Guys,

I have been training myself on Adalo and I have 4 ideas of apps that I want to build but I was reading about the service speed and I was shocked that many people mentioned that their app’s are very SLOW!

Honestly I don’t want to burn my ideas for now if the service is still slow and I prefer to wait until the service get better because I know the people in my country if they see the app is slow they will REMOVE it IMMEDIATELY and this will be waste of time and money and dreams!

I have a question and I wish everyone answer honestly so we all know about the speed issue:

Is the service still slow?
How fast is your app?

Please reply and mention if your app is fast or slow so we all know before we publish our apps.

Let’s make this topic like a survey :bar_chart: so everyone get benefits from it :bouquet:

My apps are much faster after a lot of learning the dos and don’ts. Few limitations still but things are improving.

  • Too many custom actions can slow down the app. Break down actions across multiple screens with progress bars for UI/UX so that users can see the progress of actions occurring.
  • Too many nested lists can slow down apps as a lot of information is being loaded.
  • Too many visibility settings can slow down apps because of the same reason. A lot of information is being loaded.

Most performance issues that I’ve run into are usually because I’m trying to do too much and Adalo can’t catch up. So, I tend to have to dumb things down, which usually ends up being much better for the user anyways as it increases speeds and streamlines processes.


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