About the interface

How do I make it so that when I click on the icon in the app, the user is redirected to the phone settings to connect to the wireless network?

For example, I click on the icon in the application “mirror screen” → opens a new window with the system settings of the phone itself-> press “connect to wireless network” and done!
Can you do this in Adalo?

Hey there @svet

I’ve not personally tried this but I found this on StackOverflow: ios - Opening the Settings app from another app - Stack Overflow

Check out this answer (that currently has 24 votes)

Also, I think this is only for Apple devices… So it’s worth a shot to try this out to see if it works but there will be more work involved to detect the user’s device type and then display the proper link. And that’s just also assuming that Android is capable of similar functionality.

Hopefully, this can get you started with it. Let me know if it works for you.

Hello, could you please tell me where to enter these links?