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Is there a way that after I will open the external link it will come back to Adalo App?

Thank you!

Hi Faith,

On iOS if you open a link it should show a little arrow at the top left corner with your app name.

How about on the Android?

I don’t really know since I don’t have an android…

I’m sorry if I didn’t help…I was just trying my best! :slight_smile:

It’s okay. I also did some research and I haven’t found a solution also.

Hi @faith,

As an option to look at - you can use Webview component to display some page.
I don’t know your exact case, in my scenarios when I needed to proceed some data and go back to the app, I used webview to display response from the other server.

Best regards, Victor.

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Remember: not all websites work on a webview.

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