Application and phone system

Hello all, please tell me how to click on the button in app to bring up the transition to the system settings of the phone?
This can be done on the free version of Adalo?

One more question. Where do I put the code?:sweat_smile:

I need this feature so that the user can go straight to the phone settings and turn on the wireless network to transmit the picture from the phone to the TV

Hey there @svet

Based on when you asked this question 3 days ago, I gave you some research to do for it.

It’s not available “out-of-the-box” and will require some sort of workaround.


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In regards to knowing which device a user is on, you can use this API by @Abracadalo: User Agent API | Abracadalo API Handbook
This API does require a subscription plan for both Abracadalo and Adalo. Just a heads up. This is not doable in the free versions.

This is at least one of the steps you’ll need in order to accomplish your request. You’ll more than likely need different URLs based on iOS and Android. Although you still need to figure out if they work like how the stack overflow link states.