Abracadalo not working

Abracadalo isn’t working. I followed exactly as demonstrated in the API notification video and still got nothing. I attempted to do the push notifications and nothing happened. Does the app need to be published in order to see notifications? In the video it states it doesn’t.

Hi @apatilis23,

In order for Push notifications to work, you need to have at least 1 native build of your app. Please see here Trigger Push Notifications - Adalo Resources and here Notification API | Abracadalo API Handbook (section “Push notifications”).

A “native build” doesn’t mean that your app needs to be published to the stores. But it should be available in Testflight (for iOS) or in Play Store console (usually you create an internal testing track).

In case you have a native build, the easiest way to test whether notifications are working or not for your app is trying sending them manually (Trigger Push Notifications via API - Adalo Resources).

Best regards, Victor.

Hi Victor, watched the video and followed it step by step but the video seems outdated. Zapier doesn’t have similar things that were in the video.

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