Push Notifications help please folks


Attached are screenshots of setup. No Push Notifications are being received when testing in native apps or via Previewer/native app combo.

Is there anything else I need to do? API key has been generated.

I’d add to previous threads but they close after 10 days.

Hopefully someone can shed some light :slight_smile:



In order to receive a push notification you need to have a native app.

If you are also interested in Scheduled or Recurrent Notification you can visit our API documentation:

:computer: www.abracadalo.com

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Thanks for your reply.

Have native iOS and Play Store apps - thought it would work once they were live but it still doesn’t.

I will be using your Scheduled notifications in the app soon with Tasks.


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In order for your users to receive your push notifications you first have to prompt a notification permission request, you do this by selecting your landing/main page, clicking on actions, add an action, notifications and select request permission, you will unfortunately have to rebuild your app for this to take effect.

hope this helps

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Hey Taro,

Thank you for taking the time to reply. Your suggestion is already in place as per screenshot on the Landing page once a person has signed up and is sent to the Landing page.


Anyone else happy to help? Removed Request Notification Permission on the ‘Home’ screen, added back in and created 3 builds after which have all been approved by Google and Apple; notifications still don’t work :frowning:

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