Access denied when viewing an image


I think Adalo are having a few issues today; speed is really slow, as previously reported.

I’m also getting Access Denied on images that have been uploaded today. My App has a social section which allows users to add posts. (I used the feature template).

Someone added a post around an hour ago and the app can’t display the images. I checked the DB as per the screen shots below, to find I’m getting access denied when I try to view the image directly from the collection.

Any ideas? or is this one for support team?

Images in the Posts Collections (thumbnail missing on the new ones)

Viewing an entry in the Posts collection (image is not shown)

Clicking the view link (Access denied)

Hi Matt @MattTakharRC,

It seems there is an issue on Adalo backend. I hope it is resolved now - if not, please submit a ticket here: Submit a Support Ticket


There may have been an issue with the backend. However I worked out this issue only happens if the user tries uploading a Live Photo (iOS - Apple). Normal photos work fine.

The image component needs to filter out Live Photos by default, or fully support it.

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Interesting, thanks for that @MattTakharRC. It might be that imgix can’t handle the format, in which case yes, the component needs to say so, or not show those files as an option.

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