Accessing Google's OAuth token in Adalo

I want to use Adalo’s native Google OAuth / SSO extension, however once a user is signed in I need to be able to use their Google OAuth token to make subsequent calls to a gmail API.

Does anyone know how I can retrieve that token within Adalo to use in my gmail API call?

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I don’t think there is a way to get Google OAuth token from Adalo’s Google Signup button. Also I’m not sure you can implement your own user authentication component - according to my knowledge this requires quite deep integration with Adalo “internals” and there is no public developer APIs for that.
Maybe someone else will correct me - such capabilities would open new horizons :slight_smile:

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What do you mean by not being able to use my own user authentication? In theory if I had another API that I could call that handles the authentication and pass back the necessary token(s) why wouldn’t that work?

Hey @mikeganz,

In my knowledge Adalo doesn’t support it.

To start with, everything in Adalo is tightly integrated with built-in Users collection. So in order for a user to be able to authenticate in Adalo app, this user record should exist there. For Signup action there is a built-in backend flow to create a user.
The backend server creates a session and returns a token which is stored in the app and which is used for authentication later. App engine is responsible for that.

In theory you can try to create a component which authenticates a user in some 3rd party service and then store the user in the Adalo Users database. The question is whether is it possible to create a session for this user in Adalo (put this token to the correct place in the app / get a new one from Adalo, create a new user record or find existing one, create a session).

I’ve almost never seen the authentication components except Apple and Google ones. The only ones I’ve found are here but I have no idea how they work.

There was an External Users beta program, which allowed Makers to use 3rd party authentication and Users could be stored externally, but eventually it was closed and now you can only use Xano for this purpose.


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