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I would like to use Xano to facilitate creating new users and signing them up. I have created my own custom signup form and I am able to use a custom action to create the new user and retrieve the authentication token. I am also able to login but What I can’t figure out is how to “store” the token in Adalo for later use when retrieving data from Xano using external collections.

I am on an Adalo Professional plan and I know it doesn’t include the Xano integration. There has to be a way to facilitate new users and logging in, right?!

I have spent all day watching videos and reading the forums. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

There is a Xano login component / action that you will need to use. This is only available in new apps that you have setup with an entire Xano backend integration. You can’t retrospectively add it to an existing app.

You HAVE to use this component. Why? Because Adalo uses a different (bigger) auth token, part of which is the original Xano token.

The integration isn’t direct to Xano. It still goes through Adalo servers.

Unfortunately the integration isn’t available with Adalo’s Pro Plan. There has to be a viable workaround?

You’ve got to double handle the user table but it’s not a true Xano login.
Login is via Adalo users. Then get the Xano auth token and store it in the Adalo user table.
Theadaloguy has covered that on the forum before.

There are pitfalls, like renewing the token.

There are also other ways of securing the Xano endpoints by means of an extraneous key and preconditions.

You are probably going to want to update the Adalo user table by means of an API call. So you are back to square one. Needing a higher subscription level. They know the value in all this, hence the price tiers and features of each.

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