Accessing information on custom actions triggered - e.g. PostMark

In a current app, we’ve made use of the brilliant help by another forum user - who showed us how to integrate with PostMark for outbound transactional emails.
However, we now have an interesting challenge - the transactional emails are triggered by a button in a list item in Adalo. See the item you like, press the button, custom action called. What interests us now is whether there is some way to record that a custom action was called - saving a note about this in a database or similar. Or another workaround to send the database a message that the email was sent. We want to do this so that when the user looks again at the list, they can see that the button was triggered, and the email sent. We also think it would be fancy to present an email log to the user, in whole or (filtered) in part.
Anyone have ideas on whether this is feasible or any tricks for us to consider - to reinforce that yes, the user did select a button that triggered the custom action, and that they don’t need to do it again… and have that persist in the app/database?

You could place a boolean property in your collection which is Email Sent? (true/false) which updates the collection right after the custom action is called. This updates the database to record the Postmark custom action. Another custom action could be created on same screen (or next screen) which would send a notification to the user confirming successful above Postmark outbound email.

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