Action Can Not Be Completed? Need to upgrade?

I’ve been getting the error “Action can not be completed” for 2 days, and I’ve been tearing my app apart trying to figure out what is wrong because nothing is working anymore.

Did I reach a limit and need to upgrade? Is that why nothing is working in my app anymore?

You’ll need to provide more information on this. However, when I’ve had this it was because there was a permission setting in my database that prevented a user or even an admin from updating a specific field. If this is the case go into your database, click on the collection you want to modify, click on records then change the settings here:

All of that checked out. Everyone has access to the collections. Full permissions across the board.

Still I am unable to do anything in the Adalo, and any update I make takes 5 minutes to appear, if they appear at all. I don’t know how much more detail I can provide.

Also, all of my user social profiles have all become unlinked from data. They no longer work either. And the profiles are linked to from lists with data of current user.

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