Why is this happening?

When I preview the app and update information, this message appears.

(Action Cannot Be Completed)

Are you using a custom action or an external API call? I sometimes get that when my external collections aren’t set up correctly.

It is not a custom action. It’s not with Api either. I have a collection x in Adalo I’m updating with another information from another collection y in Adalo.

When I click on the save button this happens.

Ok what are your actions on the save button? This might happen if one of your actions doesn’t make sense or can’t be done.

This can happen because of permissions in the database please check your permissions

Hi Paulo @paulomorales,

Just to clarify @njimmy10’s answer: this message might appear when you’re trying to update the record in a Users collection, but the permissions on this collection do not allow to do it.
Here is the documentation section where you can find more info: Collection Permissions - Adalo Resources

If this is not your case and you don’t have any actions related to Users’ records modification, please do not hesitate to share more info about the collections you’re updating and which actions are you using.

UPD: documentation says that there might be permissions on other collections, but I haven’t seen this by myself :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

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It is not a collection of users. It is a normal collection, without being the users. I had to find out which property it was and saw that it was all the properties in the collection. Rive to redo the collection again. What I work on, relate again and etc. This has never happened to us. It started from yesterday at the exact moment that Adalo was having problems with the collections.

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@paulomorales sorry to hear that :frowning:

Then definitely this is some bug with your collection. I’ve seen similar problems in a couple of my apps yesterday, but then in my case it disappeared - seems not for everyone…

I suspect that this error is displayed when the backend returns 500 error, but I’m not 100% sure.

Anyway, there is little which could be done on our side - if you still see this, I’d suggest submitting a support ticket Submit a Support Ticket.

Best regards, Victor.

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