Action can not be completed notification

Hi all,

I’m getting notification that action can not be completed, but when I look in my database collection and list everything works, and the action is completed. Is that bug or something?

yes an no. I get it from time to time but it’s just adalo. Usually if im moving faster than the app it happens. haha.

If you’re getting it at the same point every time, then it’s possible you have a conflict. But if you’re getting it randomly throughout app and it happens every once in awhile, then its just adalo.

Thanks for the answer. I am getting that every time when I click, but as I said everything is working fine and there is no conflict :slightly_frowning_face: Maybe on native app that is not going to show, I hope so…:slightly_smiling_face:

Send to google testing / ios testflight to test native before live builds.

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