Action cannot be completetd

so this one button i have which carry out main function of my app says action cannot be completed, but however, the button is actually functioning perfectly, is there anyways to get rid off this notification? thanks very much!

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Hey, @MaxZHou, have you tried removing all the actions associated with the button and re adding them?

Iv noticed “action cannot be completed” can appear for various different things. Check your Permissions that are within the Users Collection. Maybe you are trying to update something you don’t have permission to do. I have also noticed if you have a “blank” action set up, it also sometimes shows the error.

I don’t know every use case as to when this pop up appears, iv been able to resolve though by checking out the actions and doing the above. If this still appears, and you are sure all looks good your end then send a support ticket to Adalo.

hi thanks very much, i went and checked both and it all looks fine, just a quick question how long does adalo support take to respond because i need to launch this asap. Thanks very much!

Oh. And readding the button, and re adding the actions didn’t work?

A 3rd thing you could try is rebuild the screen with the buttons and actions.

Usually Adalo support reply within 2-3 days sometimes faster. They don’t work at the weekends however.

I am also running into this issue. My button is setup to create a message and conversation with another user. I have the same setup elsewhere in my app and it works perfectly. I have deleted the pages and collections in the database, reset them, and it is still not working.

I’m experiencing this issues with all of my buttons. It started a yesterday I believe and gradually has gotten worse. Can Adalo look into this?

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