"Action cannot be completed" for a custom list

I created a group with a few components - image, text fields and a toggle button. I created a list of this group with the intent that the toggle button would act like a “favorites” selection property.

I was successful in implementing the list and the functionality is working (the database collections are updated as per the rules set in toggle functionality). However, I get " ! Action cannot be completed" warning", both in preview mode and on the device I am testing the app on. Is this a bug or did I miss something?

I tested the same functionality using the “custom list” component and I don’t get this error. I chose not to use this component as the placement of the toggle button was not where I wanted it to be.


Hi @srgo,

Could you share some screenshots or a video of your setup and preview? So this is for Favorites and you have logged in to the app right? Did you try deleting the actions and adding again?

If you like you can give me access for your app ( click the gear icon on your left in the editor > app access section and add this email : pereradilon24@gmail.com ) and I’ll take a look at that!

Thank you

Hi Dilon -
Thank you for the quick response. I deleted the whole list and started all over again. Its working now.

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