Action cannot be completed!

Hello, I don’t know what to do anymore, I HAVE several apps in ADALO, one day they work great and then the problems come.

  1. Now every time a user wants to load a product it says

  2. In the home I have a lotties that when the action ends it goes to the page, but the action ends and it stays in the same place, I have to refresh the page and then it happens…

It’s something I see in some of my apps, and I wanted the answer as well.

It’s been happening to me A LOT, and my clients complain, we can’t fix it and we don’t have answers…

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Please be more descriptive and provide screenshots that display the actions. We can’t see what the actions are or where they’re triggered.

Are the actions on the Lottie files, a countdown timer, a button?
How many actions do you have set within that?
Are there a lot of conditions set for the actions?

It’s difficult to see any issue when you don’t provide information about the actions.

I have not experienced this issue on any apps in the past couple of days.

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Hello, when the user logs in he goes to a page with a lottie when the lottie ends if he is an admin he goes to one page if he is a client he goes to another … to advance I must press f5

Regarding the upload form, I have already deleted it 5 times and the same problem continues… it is a form to upload a product… and it says action cant be complted

Without you showing us the problems, we are unable to help.

It could be a problem with the lottie file. It could be an incorrect condition on the action. It could be a lot of things.

The form issue could be a number of different things as well. You are still not providing any information for us to see.

Here I send you the video, when I put preview the lotties do not advance, in all the other lotties that I have they work fine, when I publish it it loads me and I have to press refresh several times for it to work, and the form is new, it has nothing, just complete the forms

I see. That helps tremendously. Now I can see what’s going on.

Since you’re using a lottie animation and it finishes very quickly, it may not be giving enough time to load the logged-in user’s conditions.

Instead, enable “loop animation” and remove the actions from the lottie component. Use a countdown timer instead and set it to 3 or 4 seconds. This should allow enough time for the loading process to complete and should fix the problem.


Great I’m going to try it, I have this same lottie in several apps and it works great for me but I’m going to do what you told me … thank you very much …

I do this all the time also, I use lottie files and the actions upon completion. This situation specifically is on the Home screen (screen named VER 2).
Because it’s the Home screen, it needs to load the user’s information which usually takes only a second or 2 (hence why I say to do 3 or 4 seconds on the countdown timer).

I’ve had this same problem using a countdown timer set to 1 or 2 seconds on a home screen. It doesn’t allow enough time to load the user and perform conditions/filters when the app is FIRST loaded.

On ANY other screen, I do not have this issue, ONLY the “home” screens.

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Thanks, I already put a counter and it works great, now seeing how to solve that form, the other 6 work for me, only 1 gives me an error, otherwise I will send a ticket! thanks for the countdown idea

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