Action can't be completed

I keep getting “Action can’t be completed” error message. I have no idea why I am getting this error message. It is showing up as soon as I go to the menu and show a model list.

There seems to be a conflict in the actions when viewing the screen. Select the screen and look at “Actions”, surely you will have an action with some error

I did and I can’t find any.

Could the error be in the button that redirects to the menu?

No. It is coming up as the as soon as I go to the menu.

Please check your collection permission, it might be that there is an action which is updating some record where the permission is blocking that

You probably have met your maximum data lines. If your on the free version your only allowed 200 lines of data. I suggest you delete any data your currently not testing

I found the issue and now it is resolved. Thanks for quick responses.

Thanks. I am on paid plan.

May I ask what the issue was so I may look out for it in the future?

My issue seemed to be when I copied a page, I needed to reset all the variables for the update/create action. It seems the link to the db needed to be reset even the variables looked correct (didn’t have deleted or missing link). As soon as I deleted the variables and re-did it then it was working correctly and I didn’t get the error message.

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