Action happens only when *current plan item* has property

In my app I have:

  • Plan (collection)
    • Plan Item (collection, with a many Plan Items to one Plan relationship)
      • Link (property of Plan Item)

I’m showing Plan Items in a list. If it has a link property set, I want it to link off to another page. If not, I don’t want it to be clickable.

However, in the “Action” settings, under “When does this happen?” set to “Sometimes,” I don’t have an option to filter based on the Current Plan Item.


Am I missing something? How do I do this?


Not sure I fully get it but there’s often many ways to fork behavior. On the button properties there’s visibility settings. Does it allow you to only show the button if that property is met?

There’s no button that takes someone to the screen, they click on the current list item itself.

Can you post a screenshot of the list page highlighting the element you’re trying to have conditions on?

Hi @raquelmsmith,

I think I get what’s the problem here.
It seems that when you try to add the conditional action to the list itself, it can’t get the info from inside the list (i.e. from list items). That’s why you don’t see the “Current Plan Item” as an option.

Instead of adding an action to the list, try adding an action to list components (button, or you can create a group of all list components and add an action to it). Then you should be able to see “Current Plan Item” option.

Hope this helps.


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