Home screen list - links all the same?

Hi, on my Home Screen I’m showing a list of images which represent different categories. I want to change the button link shown below each image but it is only allowing me to have one button link for all of the buttons shown below the images.

Any ideas what I can do?


Hi Christian,
You have to create a “property” in a “collection” and link the button (via magic text) to that property.
The button link will change according to the input from that property (field)
hope this helps…

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Thanks for your reply! What property type do I choose, text?

I can see that I would be able to do it this way but I’m still going to have the issue that each button is going to link to the same screen?

Text is the right property type. You can perform ‘conditional actions’ with the button, but you will need to create a new action for each screen.

Eg, link to Screen 1 if text = ‘red’
Link to Screen 2 if text = ‘blue’

Does that make sense?

Yes man that’s worked a treat :slight_smile:


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Hi ,guys, can you make a tutorial about this ?I have a simple list but i can only have one action while i want the item listed in the page abke to reach their page,
List item 1 >(left item) link to page A( opening the page A)

List item 2>(left item) link to page B( opening the page B)

until now all left(arrow )items opens only “page A” which is the one i put on the action ,

By the way thanks for help me already with the hints you gave here ,i’ll make some experiment.