Ad mob integration to Lists | Display only after predefined set of records

Hi Adalo Team,

Could you kindly make a video or detailed write-up on how to display ad in lists after a predefined set of records ( say for example like Instagram - An ad would be displayed in feed once every 4 posts )

I found similar query before , but couldn’t understand the solution . Also the Clone app mentioned is not working now.
Link - AdMob Integration in list after set number of records

Much thanks !

@Tommen / @Colin , could you guys kindly help me on getting a solution for this ? as you were the ones who cracked it previously

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Hey there,

It’s been a while since I’ve tried that. However, I had to suspend my app development due to other functional limitations. There was a custom made app that demonstrated the function but trying to access it now, it does not work :confused: It would be very difficult and complex for me to try to explain it so maybe @Colin do you think you could make the custom app work? :slight_smile:

Hey ! Team Adalo.
Kindly help us on solving this.

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