Easy way to add ads inside list

Hi everyone ! I create a news app and I want to add ads inside my list. My list is updated with Integromat and RSS Feed. Do you know an easy way to automatically add an ads inside list ?

Thank you so much

@devrimdmk any luck figuring this out?

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Hi ! I found à solution when you only use thé Adalo database but I think it would work with Zapier or Integromat.

  1. Create a custom list
  2. Add a true/false property to the collection for showing ads
  3. Inside your custom list add a admob banner with Visibility condition > Current post > show ads = true

That’s it ! It work for me but I need to manually select true or false. But I think with condition or Custom formula we can create something better

Hope it will help you a little bit :wink:

So thats with the Google-specific ad component, correct? For what Im doing, I’d like custom ads that I can have more control over.

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Sorry for the late !

I create an job-listing app that let my users promote their listing. With a true/false property

You can see around, but I don’t think you can create an AI optimized ads system