Adalo API - Get ALL Request returns id = null

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to get a specific colletion from adalo in order to receive and process the item ID.
I’m using the “GET ALL”-API as described in the API documentation and I definetly get all results back. So in fact, that means, that the request is working.

The only thing I dont get from my API is the “ID” i am looking for. It is returned as null. Does anyone knows what I may did wrong? I looked through the forum and dind’t found a threat dealing with a “null” as returned ID :frowning:

My first guess is that you have created a field in your collection called id and not assigned a value to it. I cannot think of any other way.

Is there a field called id in your collection? If there is what is happening is your JSON structure would look like

  "id": 1,
  "name": "baltung1",
  "id": null

which results in

  "id": null,
  "name": "baltung1"

If there is a property called id in your collection, rename that to something else or delete it

If this is not the case, let me know and we can further investigate.

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Perfect thanks :slight_smile: Solved the problem!

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