Working with Adalo API - {ElementId}

Hey Adalorians,

I have been working and connection with the Adalo API in the past days and I have one big question:

How do I access (read not edit) the {ElementId} of a record. We need this for all API calls from outside :slight_smile:

Can you maybe update the Collections and show the element ID as first column list pretty please?


I have the same issue - I need to update records via the API and require the ElementID to do so. Problem is, I’m not sure what the records’ ElementID’s are. I can see the ElementID if I run a get on all collection records, but then I’d have to cross reference another property to find the ID I’m looking for. That’s obviously not viable.

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Exactly. It’s super prone to errors. That’s why I would like to access the element ID in read only or as a magic number in Custom Actions…

Ya we really need the ElementID as a column in each collection.


Maybe having no response so far from @Colin or other Adalo Staff is a good sign? :slight_smile:

I am only part time, so you do have about 4 days (inc weekend) without me :smiley:

In response to this request. I will run it by the team but I personally don’t see the issue with running a request on the collection first to determine all ID’s and then cross referencing them for the one I need.

Hey @Colin, thank you for your reply! Well, it is cumbersome and not elegant. And just one more column saves us so much time and reduces error rates -> more customer satisfaction -> much more value for us :slight_smile: Please let me know if you need more reasons.

In case you guys are worried about the less tech savvy users, why not toggle the visibility of the column with a simple checkbox in your profile settings? That way it is still lean and easy to use.


Hi all,
I’m having the same issue and I also find the workaround a little cumbersome, but well, I’ll try to di with it :slight_smile:
Being quite new to APIs I have a question though: when querying the collection for all items, is there a way to get them ordered by the field I want (in my case it’d be “last modified”) ?
An equivalent to what “ORDER BY last_modified DESC” would be in SQL…
Thanks for your help!

Hi Colin, appreciate you escalating this for us. As some others have said, having to get the full collection, just to determine the ElementId, is time consuming (GET collection, process collection), particularly if you’re retrieving a large collection. Besides this, I’m sure there may be many others like me, who process these records in Azure. Having to retrieve and process the full collection, results in higher Azure costs.


Thank you, fbot. I have the exact same issue, but am processing in Filemaker.

@Colin thank you for your effort really. :slight_smile: I gave it some thought and looked around in the Adalo. How about connceting the showing of the Element ID to the developer mode? In the profile settings we can toggle this mode. If its on, the Syste shows the Element ID, if its off, it doesnt. It could be an elegant to use existing structures and keep it coherant with the different pricing plans.

Can you explain how you manage to get the Element Id please?

Thanks a lot

There is no “simple way” at the moment. Work arounds are described above. It seems that this is a popular demand and we’re in discussion with the Adalo to make it available to the users.

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