Adalo API Key: Base URL

Excited to see the Adalo API Key under my settings. Just curious, what do I use as my base URL for my app? I want to set up a callback URL that receives Instant Payment Notifications. Currently, I have to use and Airtable to accomplish this.

At the moment it can only be used for triggering notifications but it will soon be available to access your internal collections too.

Ok, the integration to internal collections will make a world of a difference

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Hi Colin,
So custom actions allows me to “CRUD” line per request correct? Like the Example of the weather, making an app request.

But the Adalo API will be able to “CRUD” the internal collections, whether full request or just create/update one line?

Is my assumption correct? Just a bit confused in all of the potential with Custom Actions and the Adalo API. Thanks.

I’m not sure what you mean by full request but if it means in bulk, then the answer is yes.

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Thanks Colin, Yes I mean by bulk, so using the Adalo API with all features.

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