Adalo API to get database collection columns?

Is there an Adalo API to get columns for a database collection?

@dps.bajna I’m not sure what you mean… :slightly_smiling_face:

The column names are the names of the fields of the database and are exactly how your reference data through the API.

How can I do that if I only want to get database columns? We want to build rich Adalo data sync integration in Byteline, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have this API (or is not mentioned in the docs). Most other companies have this API that enables us to figure out the columns and their data type. For example, if a column is a text, number, or an image.


You can’t query the API to get the structure of collections in a database. You can only query on a collection/table level and you need to explicitly state the collection ID and pass a key.

The collections are auto documented as you generate them: The Adalo API - Adalo Resources