Is Adalo Database SQL or NOSQL?

I tried adding a new record/row in the specific Database collection via APIs.

So I added a ‘new’ property while posting the request in the specific database collection via API but it ignored the ‘new’ property and added the record without the new property. So yeah my question is : Is the Database collections in Adalo SQL or NOSQL?

Job postings for full stack engineer say postgres and MySQL.

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Then this is in line with the observation i had regarding adding the record when database collection ignored the new property/column value which didn’t exist in the database collection. So yeah, they are using SQL. Wondering if @Colin can give some information here.

Thanks @Asyncscrum for providing crucial information.

Very much doubt they are using ‘native’ SQL database functions. Your table column having an actual dB column would be a big overhead.

Far more likely the tables and columns are virtual.

Postgres is “object relational” and allows for something a little like noSQL.

The same behaviour happens on Bubble. Who are also Postgres with ‘virtual’ schemas.

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The database is an SQL db.

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In Postgres - Would it be even possible to add the extra column/attribute to an existing table/collection via adding a json record/row with that extra attribute(which doesn’t exist in the existing table/collection)?

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