Adalo app but payments on Shopify


I’m looking for the best solution to selling a limited, high volume within a short space of time product (event tickets). Adalo have confirmed their database cannot handle the concurrent requests and Airtable have also said they don’t think they will be able to either if linking from Adalo via custom action / external collection (happy to be told I’m wrong here if anyone has actual experience of this working).

This got me looking into other options and I’ve come across Shopify. I’m thinking that I could link to my Shopify store as an external URL and handle the whole sales process there. Has anyone ever done this?

I want to be able to pass the users email address to Shopify to populate the email address field at checkout. Once the users completes the order I want to use a trigger to send all the information back to Adalo and then use the users email address to link the orders to them within the app.

Does this sound feasible and does anyone have any suggestions or comments?

Would this cause any issue with Apple refusing to publish the app?


A solution that I’ve been thinking about is to force users to create an account when making a purchase on the Shopify site. Then use something like Zapier / Integromat to create a new user in Adalo with the details that the user created in Shopify. (is it possible to create a new user with a password they created on another site?)

Then I can send the order data etc. to Adalo and display the users orders in their account.

An easy way could be to have an external user database in Shopify and connect it to Adalo. However, I also want to create accounts in Adalo so is there a way of two way syncing a user database?

What do you think guys?

Bump. Still hoping someone might have some advice about this

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