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Hello. I have a new question.
In the delivery application I am creating, there is another application that is that of the salespeople integrated with the database of the main application. In the main application, there is a catalog of stores, and each store will have its own layout, that is, its own online store, with its products and etc. I was wondering if it is possible to link the seller’s account with your specific store in the main application. Because when the customer places an order for a product from that store, I want him to send a notification of the customer’s purchase, and which product was purchased by the customer, for that seller to separate in stock.

I have another question very similar to what I said last time. I wanted to know if you can do the same thing, but in this case, when the customer makes a purchase, in addition to his data being sent to the seller (which would be the product he bought) I want that when the customer makes a purchase, a delivery person who has his account registered in the application, has an option to receive the information of that customer, his address and his order, and at the same time, this delivery person receives the address of the seller so that he picks up the product and then takes it to the client.

Hi Trov,

Are you integrating an external database (outside of Adalo)? or are you using two bases in Adalo?

Either way, it should be possible. If it’s an external database, you’ll probably have to create a custom action to send the notification.

If it’s another collection in Adalo, you can easily trigger notifications from Adalo.

Here’s an overview of how that’s possible in Adalo, hopefully it helps - https://youtu.be/2m6Rq2AQi4s


I am using two bases in Adalo. So is it just triggering the notification of the right target? Do I have to pay for this notification tool, or do I have to pay for this feature in the free version of Adalo?
Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

Hi Trov,

Notifications are included in Adalo and are not specifically a “paid” feature.

To publish your app, you’ll need a paid account.

can I make this order notification go to a specific account? for example, in the application a store creates its account, and will have the catalog of that store in the main application, when a customer makes a purchase, is it possible that this purchase notification will automatically be directed to that store’s account? This is specifically what I need to know.

Yes, you can. You’ll need a user associated with that store (like an owner). When there’s an action involving the store, you can notify that user.

so do i have to create a database associated with the account and the store?

how do I associate an account with a store?

if you can enter my application and make a sample screen I would be grateful.

So if you want an API you need to pay unless you’re in 14 days trial, next if you want the user to have their notification either on phone or on the screen then watch tutorials made by @pfordmedia and others, they’re great!

Here’s an example. I put together an entire lesson on this on course, knodalo.automateintelligently.com

Erik, as I associate the user with a store? You can show me a print explaining better, just this part that I still have doubts about the notifications.

I don’t understand your question. As you can see in the last screenshots I shared, the business collection has a property relationship with users. When a purchase is made, the app will notify the user related to that business (the user is the business owner).

yes, that part I understood. What I wanted to know is if you can filter the notification for a specific user. For example, in the application 3 users have registered, user A, user B and user C. I want to make this notification only reach user B. Is it possible to do this?

Yes, you can select who the notification goes through but you have to use filtering logic available in the app.

For example, you could notify the following users or groups:
logged in user
current business owner
all business owners

In the screenshot I shared, the notification will only go to the current business owner - it won’t notify everyone on the app.

understand. thanks for the attention Erik. :slightly_smiling_face:

Erik, one more question. For me to associate this user to the store would it be through a database, with the true or false resource? or would it be otherwise?

You need to have a relationship between the store and the user. A store can have many users, a user can only have one store.

Then, when you want to notify them, it’ll notify all users associated with the store. Users in this case being owners. Other “users” on the app (non owners) just don’t assocaite them with a store, leave that relationship blank.

Understand. Thank you for your help.