Use Shopify As A Database

Hey everyone, I am working on an app for an e-commerce company. I am wondering if there is any way to use shopify as the database for the app. Pulling in all the products, description pricing, customers etc. That way when the store updates any changes on their site (like sales, new products) this will automatically update in the app.

Thank you for the help!

Welcome to Adalo, I recommend you use a middleman DB or use the Shopify API for that. I am building similar concept with Woocommerce and Mostly everything I can connect to their API and do everything from there.

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Check out with this you can make API workflow easily. @NoCode81 made an amazing tutorial on how to set Twilio up with intergromat that should give you some insight on how it works.
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From there you can just use custom actions in adalo to do pretty much anything under the sun that’s Shopify related:

Hope this helps.


Thank you for this! Are you able to give any advice on shopify api and adalo?

How difficult is it to set up? What information were you able to pull in?

Sorry, not Adaloing lately :smiley: . Mainly with API you can do most of what @alexstockman shows from Integromat. If API is a bit too much for you, Integromat is actually a great start.