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Hello, I’m new here and apologies if this has been answered before but I can’t find the answer.

I am looking for one calendar that automatically updates from several different databases and also the user can manually enter an event. As far as I can see the Adalo calendar is linked to only one database and there isn’t the opportunity to add an event to a day. Any help is appreciated.
Thanks, Liz

Hey there @Liz_Stevens Welcome to the community :sunglasses:

What you can do is have an additional collection called “Calendar Events”. Have a one-to-many relationship between calendar events and users where users can have multiple calendar events but a calendar event belongs to 1 user. Also create one-to-many relationships between each collection and the calendar event collection so that the different collection belong to 1 calendar collection.

Every time a record is added to one of your “different databases”, also create a calendar event for that user. That way, you can have a calendar that contains the “Logged-in User > Calendar Events” and it will display all items from each different database for that specific user.


So you want to connect several collections to the same calendar? Why you can’t do this with a one collection? What are that collections? Is it possible to show your database,setup and explain what you are trying to do from a video ( you can use Loom )?

This thread may help here too! : Multiple collections - Display on Same Calendar

Thank you

In my explanation, I referenced a specific app that I’m in the process of making. It’s a Homeschool app.

Users can create field trips and classes but both have different databases. They can also add misc events to the calendar. So I created a “Calendar Events” collection that houses both field trips and classes on a single “My Schedule” type of calendar.

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Thanks very much. I understand your explanation & I’ll try & set it up. Thanks a lot, Liz

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Hi, Thanks for your reply. I’m going to try & set up the calendar database first. Thanks, Liz

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