Relationships: both collections to have only one of the other

Hi everyone,

Context: I have a screen displaying ‘chores’ to do (including a due date) and a screen with a calendar for events.

When a new ‘chore’ is created it automatically creates a new ‘calendar event’ with the characteristics of the new ‘chore’ (since a calendar can only be linked to one collection, right?) - in my case, the calendar is is linked to ‘calendar event’ and not directly to ‘chores’. When I update the ‘chore’ however, I do not have the option to update the related ‘calendar event’ automatically.

I have tried to change the type of relationships and it did not work. I believe that having a ‘one to one’ relationship instead of ‘one to many’, ‘many to one’ or ‘many to many’ relationships could resolve the issue… Anyone was able to achieve that with current Adalo features?

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Hi @Zohar-KF,

Just out of curiosity - what is the problem of displaying “Chores” in the calendar? I assume 1 event = 1 chore, and you have 1 collection of chores, which could be displayed in a calendar.

Reg. your question - you can set up the relationship of Many Chores - one Event, so when you update some Chore, you have a direct access to Event’s properties.
But yes, 1:1 is the best way to solve it, but it doesn’t exist in Adalo…

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @Victor ,

Thanks for your help. The problem is that the main purpose of the calendar is to display events (such as a party or a dinner date), but ideally, I would also like it to display the due dates of chores, which are in another collection.

I have just decided to not include it thus far, but it would be a great addition to my app.



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Hi @Zohar-KF,

Ok, now I understand.
Then the easiest way will be to have the relation as I’ve described in my previous reply. It’s not very elegant, though :-/


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