Multiple collections - Display on Same Calendar

Hello All,

Is there a way we can show multiple collections on the same calendar as events?

I want to show 3 different bookings on the same calendar, These three bookings have their own collection.


Hey there @Ajax

The only way to do that is to merge the 3 separate booking collections into 2 collections. So instead of having 3 separate booking collections, you can have 1 booking collection and something like “Booking Type” as a 2nd collection to differentiate between the 3 booking types that you mentioned.

Then, you can have the main booking collection for the calendar to display all of the bookings for all 3 booking types.

You can even have separate calendars for each booking type with a simple filter if booking type > name > is equal to _____(you fill in the name).

Hello @Flawless,

This is helpful, thank you.

If there a way we can mark each ‘booking type’ with a different colour on the calendar? This doesn’t look doable in the current calendar, so just wanted to check if you have any other ideas.


No, it’s not possible to do different colors for different types.

Just an idea, you could add a dropdown menu above the calendar with the booking types and use that as a filter on the calendar’s settings where booking type is equal to booking dropdown > name.

Hi @Ajax ,

As an alternative, you could build your own custom calendar with collections, I made an example on free template Komun, search forum for that.

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