iPad & tablet versions

I was shocked yesterday when I found no more tablet or iPad viewer in the editor beside reading some topics about the Apps being rejected in the App store because of a bad version for iPads.

Did you guys published any app lately without working on the iPad version? Was there any problems?

Hey Kenan, I’ve personally never been rejected for an app that appears in "iPad Compatibility Mode " for an iPhone App - and that’s a lot of app submissions. They have always sailed through submission, as its not required that an App must fully support iPad from a responsive perspective (Yet). The only time I’ve been rejected was for the screenshots that didn’t appear as they should for iPad on the Apps Main Appstore page.

But I do agree, that it would be super awesome to have Adalo allow you to enable iPad native compatibility for a true iPad experience. Unfortunately, that’s not available yet.

The Tablet/iPad drop down in the builder according to Adalo support was removed as it laid users to believe their App supported true iPad responsiveness when it didnt.

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Thanks man.
So I understand that Im not gonna face any problem submitting my App to the App Store even if I didn’t see how it looks like?

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