Why can't I users under a collection when selecting in adalo

I am trying to create a chat room and to make the create chat room button work I need to create chatroom then chose current userr >email Current user does not seem to exist only logged in users does. Can someone tell me what I am missing?

ah yes that totally makes sense. Thanks so much my friend

Okay so I needed to create the list but I am have the same issue where I need to see users. Here are some screen shots . The first is of what I am trying to achieve and the second is what I see.

To get that you need to come from a screen that has a list connected to a posts collection.

I think you are following this video from Micheal and he explains that in another video! : How To Create An App Like Instagram - Easy, Fast, Anyone Can Do It - No Coding Required - YouTube

But I don’t think you don’t need this.

You are trying to display the chatrooms of the logged in user right?

Actually is his does video does not mention anything about the posts collection. I did notice in his collections but there is no mention of is so i don’t even know what the properties are to add to it. In his video does not show using logged in users just users, So I am not sure

Oops Sorry!

He teach that in this video : How To Create An App Like Instagram - Easy, Fast, Anyone Can Do It - No Coding Required - YouTube

okay I created the posts collection but it still does not show up as a choice in chatrooms

Hi @shonesto ,

It will be easier to use chat template from Adalo editor as your base, when you click Create New App, you can choose Chat template and start from there.

Yes I think I will give that a try. Where can I find the template?

Found it and the tutorial

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You just needed to create a way to chat with users with logged in user right?

This is covered by Adalo like Yongki mentioned that you can find it!

If you faced for any issues let us know!

Thank you

I am following the Adalo tutorial on chat. I am still not seeing what they show in the video for example current conversation. Here is a screenshot of the what is in the vid and one of what I see. //thanks

You need to come from a screen that has a list connected to the conversations collection!

I see it in your app that you only have the chat screen :


Now I have added a screen and connected that to the conversations collection and now you can see in the chat screen message list filter current conversation > messages!

I reloaded and saw what you did however, I am still not seeing the reflected in you screenshot and in video

You are on the Chat screen that display the user’s conversions! The messages displays on the other screen called chat.

I get that. I am just trying to create the list as shown in the video. I am experiencing the same issue I had in michaels video. I don’s see the same structure when creating the list

I have done that for you! If you see your app you have current conversation> messages on the Chat screen and now you can add the values from magic text and add some formattings!

Michael’s video about something like viewing a user profile and then the logged in user can chat with him or open the existing chat? Do you need something like that?

No. not for now. I am trying to create functionality to get a prototype done. I see what you did but it does not match up what is in the adalo video. This confuses me. Am I getting to hung up what is shown in the video?

Steve I get you!

I suggest to delete that two screens ( Chats and Chat ) and the Conversations collection and Messages collection and build this again with a fresh mind watching the video built by Adalo! : No-Code Chat Tutorial - YouTube

I believe you can make it work! If not let us know!