Adalo Community Q&A

Hi everyone,

We’re going to be hosting our first Adalo Community Q&A session over Zoom this Friday at 12:30p CDT.
We all have different schedules (and live all around the world), so we want to make sure this has value for you event if you can’t attend live.

  • Please post your questions here in this thread and we’ll answer them during the session.

  • We’ll record the whole thing and post the link to the recording back here in this thread.

Looking forward to chatting on Friday!
Here’s the Zoom link:


Hi - Can you please talk about performance improvements in the meeting. Thanks

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@Ben this is great. That’s 1:30am my time so I’ll miss the live call but will check the recording. My main questions are the ones I spelled out here: Taking the Brakes Off
That and I would REALLY love someone from Adalo who understands the logic for how page layouts are rendered to give a 20min seminar on how this works. Endless futzing with layout to get it to an acceptable state is a big thorn in my side.
Anyways, this “virtual town hall” event is a great idea- kudos.


Thanks @Ben - an update on the questions raised here would also be really helpful: Security, Encryption, Sustainability & GDPR (with particular reference to GDPR)


When will the custom fonts be available? This is a must for maintaining the APP’s UX.

Will it be possible with the custom actions to use GET to bring information that is not necessary to have stored?

Have you considered using sockets to load dynamic information (instead of Auto-Refresh)?

Has it been contemplated to use REDIS to cache calls to the DB so that the information loads faster?

Thanks for this @Ben. We’re really keen to know more about Mixpanel implementation and how we get the most out of this with Adalo. Is Codeless Tracking the way to get more data insight (i.e. user engagement and custom events) than with the out-of-the-box Mixpanel API implementation? Is there anywhere we can find more information about how to get set up with Mixpanel?

@Ben, it would be helpful to hear the team’s plans for:

  1. improving Adalo platform performance for big apps (backend editing and frontend in particular).
  2. implementing multilingual feature (in big apps with dozens of screens this is not feasible now).
    Maybe the states feature can be a workaround?
  3. adding the required* function for input fields in custom forms.



To provide optimal service for clients, it would be nice to know:

  1. Is generated source for the application(s) available or will the apps only be available in compile platform binary?
  2. How many requests per second is the Adalo backend capable of handling?
  3. How long would the Adalo infrastructure take to scale up to handle additional load/requests?
  4. How resilient is the Adalo infrastructure in terms of DDOS/failures?

Does Adalo compress the photos during upload? because some users uploads a 5MB photo or more to my app and i don’t wanna waste my 5GB storage so fast.
How does adalo handles that?

thanks alot


Hi @Ben
That’s a great initiative for Q&A session. That will help us lots. I’ve some question if I get the answer that will be great.

Q1. Is there any plan to show customize progress bar/loading status in Adalo?

Q2. Is there any page transition time controller? Such as I would like to load a page in 5 seconds.

Q3. Splash/Welcome screen not showing when application loaded. Such as without login a user; there is working but when opening the application as logged in user there is showing the blank welcome screen and shifted to the home screen directly. I couldn’t find any solution for that.

Q4. Suppose I’ve completed action with/without pop up message such as make an order and redirected to the home screen. But the problem is that when I press the back button on my device it’s going back to the previous screen which shouldn’t execute in this condition. Is there having any option for control/stop the back button?

Another example: If I logout from the application and press the back button I’m redirecting to the previous screen. It’s a big issue I think.

Q5. I need an option for button long press. I have a button which has two types of action when simply press the button it will add the quantity and when the same button pressed for long it will execute something different. Is it possible?

Q6. I’ve created a box with shadow but when I build the apk there is no shadow.

Q7. I have a product and that containing more than one image how can I slide them one by one?

Q8. I want to delete all the record which is related to a specific record or want to delete all the record from a collection is there any option?

That’s all for today. More questions will ask on the live session :blush:

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One topic to discuss : overall Adalo stability and robustness.

I make apps, they don’t work any more after some time. Mainly around external collections. Time consuming and discouraging…

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Curious timing on component marketplace & status of components being worked on. Thanks!

Hi Ben, This sounds great, I might not be able to join but I do have an urgent question a)When can we expect the google login authentication in Adalo? (My relaunch depends on this)
Any workaround suggestions?


This is great.

Question 1: Is there an expected timeframe for randomizing list items?

Question 2: Is there a way (either now or in the near future) to add custom js?

Here’s the recording of the call:

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions!


oops, just recently opened Forum page so missed it,
if there is anyway to subscribe to an email list, will opt for it.
thanks for the recording anyway…

Are you asking about subscribing to our email list? All Adalo users should be subscribed to our newsletter. As this was the first Community Q&A we only announced it on our Forum & Slack channel because we wanted to see how it went. I think we’re going to try to have a more organized scheduled for these so that everyone knows when they’re going to happen.


Thanks for creating the Q&A session. It’s helpful.

Yes, not too sure, wich stuff i m subscribed too already - but - yes i’ d like a “warning” few days before…I just missed it for not getting in the Forum.
*Might be helpfull to check some status of “subscribed stuff to” in one owns profile if doable…
tks :wink:

This is an issue I’ve noticed too …

I’ve tried to use conditions to check if user is logged in or not when user “Enters” a screen, but nothing seems to work.