Set up a daily deletion of collections from the database

Hi everyone!

I’m working on a dating app on which we want to reset the matches and conversations every morning. Basically it would equivalent to “delete” all records of certain collections every day at 9am.

Does anyone know what would be the way to do this? Is it doable with Adalo or would it require Zapier or Integromat?


Hey there @Regis

You’d have to use Make for this (formerly integromat).

Adalo doesn’t have a way to do scheduled actions without the help of another tool.

In Make, you’d create a scenario that’s scheduled for everyday at your set time to delete records.

Something like this:


Thanks Mario!
I’ll try this solution :slight_smile:

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Hi @Regis ,
I am still testing my Bulk Update API, I didn’t have any case with Delete and scheduling. I will add that to my test cases.

I cannot guarantee promises yet, as Adalo is timing out a lot with big requests (Hopefully I find a solution for this while they don’t move from Heroku to AWS), but DM me the details of your request. I am trying to build case scenarios, for then to everybody test.


Hi Flawless!
I’ve tried this several time but for some reason, when I run the scenario, no element is deleted on my database after it is completed:

They have been correctly listed though. Any idea it doesn’t clear the Collection?

Take a screenshot of the logs to see the activity of the processes.

It looks like only the record #1 is deleted several times, but in fact nothing happens on the database:

Screenshot 2022-06-17 at 16.53.58

Watch this to fully understand how the iterator works: Using the ITERATOR in Integromat [2022 Tutorial] - YouTube

You’re close but you have to select the record id as the array in the iterator:


Just checked and worked for me! Thanks Flawless!

It worked for me as well!!
Thanks a lot man :v:t4:

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