How do i delete database?

When i clic on add action, it appears all collections i created, but when i clic on delete or update, i see nothing, only the “logged in user”, not my collections thxxx

Hi @manuelsanchez,

In order to be able to update or delete the record from a collection on some screen, you need to make a data available on this screen.
Usually it is done by using lists, but there are some other ways (for example, the record you’ve just created could be available on the next screen).

I would advise to watch the video about working with data here:

Also, the whole help portal ( is quite useful and have videos and text tutorials there.

Best regards, Victor.

Hey victor.

so I created a list, but I continue only seeing the logged in user but i dont see the collection i need to delete

Hi @manuelsanchez,

Would you like to delete a collection or a record from a collection?

You can’t delete the whole collection (in other words, a Database Table) from within the app. You can do that only from the app builder.

If you would like to work with the records in the collection, then you need to set the data access in your app accordingly. I would highly recommend to watch some tutorials on that.

Best regards, Victor.