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Hi again,

I have issues with understanding the function of the database. I am attaching an image showing more or less how my .csv document is looking, to give an idea to what I need. Typing the information in to Adalo´s database manually IS an option, just to get it to work. On a new Adalo page I´d like for example it to show “Foto 1” then “Businessname” followed by “OPENINGHRS MON, TUE, WED…” AND POLISH IT OFF WITH THE LINKS FOR SOME AND WEB. Perhaps I’m even able to have a front page directing automatically to the correct business based on “BUSINESSCATEGORY”.

Anyone that gets the idea and perhaps can assist? Crossing my fingers. Thank you in advance.!

Screenshot 2021-08-27 at 09.32.18|690x153

Hi @parksidecreator,

Here are couple of how-to videos I’ve made - they may answer your question.

(videos are still processing at the moment).

Best regards, Victor.

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This is awesome! Thank you Victor. You really took your time and answered most of my questions spot on. I appreciate this. Will try to accomplish results with this new information.

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