Database understanding issues

Having a hard time understanding how to use database for my purpose.
I came to Adalo from another service which had made this very easy for me.
Here I am having trouble, big time.

I have a list of businesses, their opening hrs, contact info, social media-links, picture 1-2&3 etc.

How can I, or how do I have to, set it up so that inside the app I can easily on example A’s page choose example A’s opening hrs to show, then example A’s social media-information and so on.

I have tried one Collection with all the information, and I’ve tried one collection with just the opening hrs for the different businesses and I don’t get it to work, or show the wanted information when I link to it inside my app.


It would be best to have one business collection with all of those properties, as the properties are at a business level.

Then have an image collection related to the business (one business to many images), that way you can have multiple images per business. We sometimes keep one or two images in the business collection too for a logo and banner, but it depends on the app.

I apologize but that one flew above my head.

Only one collection, with all the properties in it? That I’ve tried.
What do you mean about the properties being at a businesslevel.

If you’ve tried that, then you need to have a list of businesses. When the user clicks one business take them to a screen detailing that businesses specific information using magic text. Make sure the link says Current Business is available in the data.

That’s how you generate dynamic information in Adalo.

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Will look into this, thank you for your response.