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Hi, I have created a image list on my app. When a user clicks one of the images i want it to take them to a page about the shops info. How would i do this efficiently as there must be a way to do this instead of making a new page for every shop?

Given your question, It seems there’s a big knowledge gap related to how Adalo works. Because that’s not how Adalo works. If you have a list of shops, you don’t create one screen per shop, and it’s a basic functionality of Adalo.

So I would recommend you go back to the basics.

Check out a few of the lessons here:

Take the time to understand the basics of how Adalo works.

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You have to use a list component, then add an action for it to link to a screen where it will display the data of that store, but first your stores has to be stored in the database

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