Can a mobile Adalo app be launched as a STARTUP?

Please help me with this! Can a mobile app built with Adalo be launched as a STARTUP?

If you can build a functional app then you can launch it as a startup, there are many who are already doing it.


Ok thanks for the reply!:hugs:

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We even got a UK government grant to build ours.

Ok, there is quite a lot of backend stuff in Airtable and Xero…but one of the two main apps is in Adalo.

Oh I don’t understand that backend stuff?

I am trying to build one with Airtable as DB for a startup, but airtable/adalo is very buggy lately, so cannot make it to work so far. but almost there. I would say if works fine, it is just like any other app in the market. So a startup is doable.

Ok thank you! But how do I connect the app to airtable’s or any other’s database

YOu need to use a paid plan to have access to External Collections and then Airtable API. I am thinking of making a course with Adalo+airtable with all Pros and Cons and tips. Keep you posted.


Oh that’s great! @sebastas but what is the use of having an external DB?

In a nutshell.

  • Storing Terabytes of images in an external DB.
  • Your DB can be as big as you want. Not stuck to Adalo’s Pro DB size
  • Make pre-calculations in DB and pulling Aggregated datasets into Adalo, so no flat data in Adalo’s DB.

Many wonderful things happening outside of Adalo.

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Will the users data be stored aromatically in that db when I connect it to my app? Or it’s a manual work? @sebastas

Hi @NoCoder101,

“Users” database is kind of “hardcoded” in Adalo, so you really can’t use any other collection for storing essential User data (i.e. email/username and password).

You may try to set up the hybrid structure, when some User info is stored in Adalo, and other part - in the other external DB. But this could be quite complex task. One big advantage of Users DB in Adalo is that you can access Logged-In User record with all its property values from anywhere in the app. For an external DB you will need to be sure that data is available on a particular screen.

Sorry for interfering, just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

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Well I understood a bit about External DB! Thank you @Victor

@Victor Can you please help me with this?

Hi @NoCoder101,

Please see the answer in that thread

Best, Victor

:+1: @Victor

I will see there!

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We have events that happen in the background, outside of Adalo. They do things like account postings and updates to Airtable.

Everything is very nice, and AirTable works very well with Adalo, for a product database … until you want the Adalo user database to work in sync with your external AirTable database, for example to generate the favorites. It is a tragedy that could never be resolved to this day. So simple. I have been trying to fix it for months, the video tutorial about this from Adalo is very limited and does not have the complete information. Favorites is very simple to work with in Adalo if all your databases are local, if they have external databases it is impossible. I have my app stuck for months because of this problem. I had to cancel Adalo premium while I wait for a solution to stop paying …

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