Adalo Database + PDF generate

Can someone help me to Generate PDF from Adalo Database. (payment for help).

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@Cacoreasa you can use

And do an api call to generate a pdf for you. The returned pdf url can be stored in Adalo for use.


I really appreciate your contribution, @bhanu I will try to do it, I don’t have much knowledge in Apis, but if you can help me I would appreciate it.

@Cacoreasa it should be easy to integrate, let me know if you need help once you create an account and try it out but stuck at any point.

Basically what you need to do is:

  1. Send the data you want in PDF from Adalo to the Eledo API
  2. Eledo will generate the document and provide you an ID of the document generated with few other details
  3. you need to use that data and have a link in the screen where you want to show and let use click to download.

hope that sequence helps.

You can actually check this thread as well, @Victor has good suggestions here:


Hi @Cacoreasa @bhanu,

Just couple of notes from my side :slight_smile:

  • seems that you should use “CreateFile” instead of Generate (Create File | and then use a link to download. As I see, other API endpoints (Generate and Download) couldn’t be used with Adalo custom actions as they return application/pdf (at least it didn’t work for me);
  • I didn’t find any evidence for how long the generated document will be stored on Eledo’s servers and will be available for download. I assume that they might have some limit for that. Also they state that “we don’t store any pdfs on our servers”, which is kind of confusing. So better to check directly with them;
  • if you need more advanced actions to work with the resulting PDF, like sending it by email, or storing the file on Google Drive, or something else, I’d recommend using Integromat instead of custom actions.



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