Create a Downloadable Pdf Document

Dear Adalo,

Love the platform, struggle to find Assistance/Tutorials on Topics I struggle with!

How do I get my App from here(Click of a Button):

To Here (Pdf or Excell):

The idea is for Users to be able to Download a List of chosen Products by a click of a Button in either a Pdf or Excel Format File and be able to share that Downloaded File via email or other platforms.

I’ve already tried PDF Generator API from the Marketplace but their guide doesn’t explain how to actually design your own Template from scratch and connect your Adalo Data to this created Template:

I faced the same challenge when I tried Eledo… no step by step guide as to how you Build and Connect your Adalo Data to the Templates from start to finish.

Any assistance in solving this problem would be much appreciated!

Regards, Hennie. :nerd_face:

Really, no response or help from anyone in this “Get Help Forum”??? :rage: :rage: :rage:

I had a look at this but I didn’t figure out the api yet. It’s not 100pc straightforward but I’ll try it out in the next few days when I get a bit of free time.

Dear theadaloguy,

Thank you for the response! :grinning:

Even if you can guide me how to use the Pdf Generator API found in the Market Place, I know it’s a paid Service and I’m willing to pay for the feature/function.
I’ve already created an account with Pdf Generator API but have no joy in trying to connect my Adalo Lists/Data to their Templates.

I have followed this guide as per Pdf Generator API Support:

How to integrate with Adalo? | PDF Generator API

But nowhere does it guide me as to how I get my Data over to the Template and Ultimately onto a Downloadable Pdf?

Please assist as the PDF Generator API Support keeps referring me to the above integration Tutorial.

Thank you in advance!
Hennie Smith. :nerd_face: