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Dear Adalo,

Love the platform, struggle to find Assistance/Tutorials on Topics I struggle with!

How do I get my App from here(Click of a Button):

To Here (Pdf or Excell):

The idea is for Users to be able to Download a List of chosen Products by a click of a Button in either a Pdf or Excel Format File and be able to share that Downloaded File via email or other platforms.

I’ve already tried PDF Generator API from the Marketplace but their guide doesn’t explain how to actually design your own Template from scratch and connect your Adalo Data to this created Template:

I faced the same challenge when I tried Eledo… no step by step guide as to how you Build and Connect your Adalo Data to the Templates from start to finish.

Any assistance in solving this problem would be much appreciated!

Regards, Hennie. :nerd_face:

Really, no response or help from anyone in this “Get Help Forum”??? :rage: :rage: :rage:

I had a look at this but I didn’t figure out the api yet. It’s not 100pc straightforward but I’ll try it out in the next few days when I get a bit of free time.

Dear theadaloguy,

Thank you for the response! :grinning:

Even if you can guide me how to use the Pdf Generator API found in the Market Place, I know it’s a paid Service and I’m willing to pay for the feature/function.
I’ve already created an account with Pdf Generator API but have no joy in trying to connect my Adalo Lists/Data to their Templates.

I have followed this guide as per Pdf Generator API Support:

How to integrate with Adalo? | PDF Generator API

But nowhere does it guide me as to how I get my Data over to the Template and Ultimately onto a Downloadable Pdf?

Please assist as the PDF Generator API Support keeps referring me to the above integration Tutorial.

Thank you in advance!
Hennie Smith. :nerd_face:

Hi Hennie, I’ve made a tutorial video here:


Dear theadaloguy,

Brilliant Solution and the Table is working 100% on my side as well! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Can you please give me a step by step guide on how to handle Order Items with their relevant Images?
I took your advice from the YouTube comment section and only managed to get this far when I tried using the Container instead of the Table… (I included both a Container and Table in the Pdf creation for testing and illustrative purposes… from the same Data Fields… the Table acts exactly like your Tutorial… but the Container repeats the Data over and over depending on how much Order Items you have in your Order from Adalo:

I believe this “Automatic Table” setting is missing from the the Container and therefor the Data isn’t iteriated correctly…

Please assist at your soonest convenience!

Thank you in advance!

Hennie Smith. :nerd_face:

Hi Hennie,

The first video in this docs page describes using containers:

Here, you can see he is clicking the container, going to insert from the top menu, then data, and pasting in json. Using my existing JSON data it doesn’t work properly, but in the video comments you can see an example dataset of json, and this does work to iterate over data in the container. It might require a bit of experimentation.

Dear theadaloguy,

Super, thank’s for the quick reply, I’ll get cracking with this Solution a.s.a.p!

As a matter of interest, are there any options available to copy the Generated Pdf back into Adalo’s Database for future use or to make it available for Download on other Pages of my App?

Thank you once more, you have been most helpful thus far!

Regards, Hennie. :grinning:

You can just save the URL on the database yes, and then be using that at any point in your app.

Dear theadaloguy,

I’ve managed to get the Container working as per the Tutorial… :grinning:

So both the Table and Container shows the same Data… :+1:t2:

  1. Is there a way auto generate the Pdf without having to click the “Generate Button”? The reason for me asking is that if it could happen automatically with the Action of another clicked Button as an example, the link to the Pdf would have been created and saved in the background and “Download” Buttons could be plotted in a bunch of different places in my App referring to the same Generated File . Currently, if I try to plot the Pdf Generator Api button on different screens, I’m unable to get to all the needed parameters in order to complete the set-up… I assume because of what Data is available on that specific screen… and on the screens that I do manage to finish the set-up, a New File is Generated so I end up with different Files although the Content stays exactly the same.

  2. My only issue remains the Image… and it’s because my Image isn’t saved in the same collection as my Product Data… Remember, my Product collection get’s deleted and re-imported every morning.
    I’m trying to figure out a way to reference this needed image URL to the saved Image in the separate Collection.

Regards, Hennie. :nerd_face:

Great video tutorial as usual : )…

Is there any free version possibility / workaround without using a paid third part subscription?

Thanks for any tip or suggestion.

Best, Edin

Dear Nathan,

Any possible news on how to Automate the Pdf Generation Process, meaning that a Pdf can be Generated without the click of the Generate Button??

Alternatively this could also be done via a Zapier Zap when a record is being Created or Updated, I applied your Tutorial tactics here and created a Zap to Automate the Process and also send a Link back to my Adalo Collection, and save a Copy of the Pdf to my Google Drive… all of which works fine, except that the Zapier Zap method doesn’t provide any way to Map the Line_Items in order to iterate the Product Items Collection under each Order… which kinda defeats the whole purpose… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Care to share your expertise on this?

Regards, Hennie. :nerd_face:

Hi Nathan,

Further to the above discussion, here’s a screenshot of my use case with your working Solution, both the Dynamic Data and Line Items are pulling through.(Only issue is that the User needs to click the Generate Button to get the desired Output):

And here’s a screenshot of my use case with your Solution through Zapier in an attempt to try and Automate the Pdf Generation process, the Dynamic Data is pulling through, but not the Line Items since I can’t find any place in the Zapier Zap to specify or map the Var1, Var2 and Var3 values. (Automation works perfectly, only issue is that the Line Items doesn’t show up in the Generated Pdf becuase of the above mentioned issue):

Regards, Hennie. :nerd_face:

With Zapier you would need to call your Adalo collections API to GET ALL records in that collection, and then filter them on Zapier to build that. Not something I’ve done myself but I know it’s possible if you wanted to look at that route.

Hi Nathan,

Happy to try anything at this point… being stuck between two Solutions is just frustrating! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Is there a Tutorial out there that exists that you know of that could guide me in achieving what you described? I’m willing to give it a try and see if it could solve my problem…

Regards, Hennie.

Hi Nathan,

Any Solution… I’m still stuck?

Regards, Hennie.

Hi Hennie I’ll try make a vid this week.

Hi Nathan,

Thank you very much, I can’t wait, looking forward in solving my problem with your Solution.

Regards, Hennie. :nerd_face:

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