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Anyone have a lot of experience with maker(integromat)/eledo?

Need some help with dynamic document creation

I build a component in the marketplace ( for FREE ) that utilise the pdfgeneratorapi.com services. You might be able to use it and skip the integromat part?

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any video tutorials? Does it work with relational data in the Adalo database?

Not that I’m aware of! But have a brilliant article! And clonable apps are also there! If you get stuck Knight may help!

And also another great post by Knight explains this! : How to use the PDF Generator component/API? - #4 by knight

Thanks you guys,
I’ve looked through this. I guess a better question is if we can use data within relationships?

it supports one related table.
For example an invoice table with invoice items table.

So if my app creates a record based on multiple relationships in the database I won’t be able to leverage the PDF generator? Because I’ll only be able to bring in one relationship?

Hey Knight,
Is it possible to have a multistep process to build the pdf?
Example a screen that pushes one collection to the pdf and then a screen that pushes a different collection to the same pdf?

i doubt so, maybe you can try to save all different set data as JSON and send it over the final API call?

Hmm, any opportunity to work together on this?

Was successfully able to get the basic data through now it’s just a matter of passing other collections through to the same

Do you do any type of one on one calls or custom dev?

yup, I do custom dev, let’s pm for more detail

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