Anyone found a work path for PDF generation?

Has anyone cobbled together an approach for the generation of a PDF from information stored in the database? I know Colin has indicated that possibility in a support response to me - I’m just reaching out to see if anyone has actually done it? Integromat? How did that go?


Im actually working on some templated solutions for this with Adastacks.

As of right now though, you can use something like Eledo or Formstack or Google Docs to do this.


Have you actually worked through an implemented solution with Eledo? If yes, used Integromat?

I am not a technical expert – so was hoping someone who has done an integration successfully that has worked might share some steps or hints on how to be successful.

Your new Adastacks effort is exciting!

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Was looking for something exactly like this, just signed up :+1:
Any idea when you guys are hoping for a release?


Probably the end of Feburary! I can’t wait for the release!

Good job @pford!


Thanks @James_App_Maker!

And @tkasenberg yes I’ve used Integromat with Eledo. You can setup a template PDF with dynamic data with their software first, then use a webhook to receive the information and fill the template with the data. The only thing it can’t do at all really is arrays of data. That would require a GET request to an Adalo collection.

@dasuksta Thanks so much for signing up! Hoping for release in first week of March!

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How do I sign up? Just curious!


Go to

Then press get early access!

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Hi @tkasenberg,

I did this via Integromat + Eledo. Not very complex to set up.

Best regards, Victor.

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That Integromat/Eledo integration, does it pass the PDF back to the app? Does it trigger a file download? I’m trying to imagine a process - I click a button in Adalo and get back a PDF that is in my app and offers to open?

Hi @tkasenberg,

In my case, I sent the generated PDF to the user by email.

The output of the “Eledo” component is “File Name” and “Data”:

So after you get it, you can try to store this file somewhere (using Integromat), and then get the link and return it to Adalo app.

I’m not sure if it will be an easy task to store this file in Adalo database.

Best regards, Victor.

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Very cool on email out. A workable solution for me. Now to try it! :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the novice question - but how does the webhook piece work in Integromat? I’m trying to get data from a list that is stored in the Adalo database - does anyone have a sense of the steps needed to pull the data into Integromat with a filter applied?

Hi @tkasenberg ,

The setup flow somehow reminds me of the ping-pong :slight_smile:

  • You create a webhook in Integromat. It listens for data
  • You go to Adalo and create Custom action. Fill in all the params, then run Test Custom action.
  • You go to Integromat and see if it has determined the data structure
  • You continue setup in Integromat.
    If you need to return some data to Adalo:
  • You finish setup in Integromat, with data return
  • You go back to Adalo, and edit the custom action, and run Test again
  • You name and define the data received back from Integromat.

I’ve made a video some time ago, how to convert string to uppercase. Not related to your question, but shows how to set up Integromat:


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