Adalo Deck swiper error

I have implemented the deck swiper feature on my app, but whenever I preview the app, the deck swiper is not loading, it acts as my recommendation feature, and I really need a quick fix

Thanks in Advance


I have the same issue

Yes me too. I think all of us have this problem

I think the best is to submit a support ticket.

Thank you :blush: :blush:

Hi All,

I was experiencing that too, but I made a replacement for that, because I need to deliver the app asap.

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Oh thanks Yongki. :fire:

I really appreciated your help. :innocent:

But Adao Team has to solve this problem. Then it will be good for everyone :blush:. I hope the Adalo Team will solve this problem soon :innocent:

Thank you :blush:

Just a suggestion,

You might want to focus your time on building something that you can be proud of and be really good at it until someone else feel that you have done a great job because of the efforts or commitment that you have to spend to make it come true.

That can make you incredibly powerful, useful and more focused on getting things done.


@yelkhayami & @mike-minimumstudio are the developers of this component. Maybe they can help here. :slight_smile:


Thanks for tagging them James!

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I did it, hope they answer sonn

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Yeah me too @ArkPandey

Thanks, @Yongki, I’ll try this for sure

It seems that the deck swiper load only after we go to another page, and come back to the page where the deck swiper is. I hope this awesome component will be fixed :slight_smile:


Doesn’t come back for me at all. Appreciate it so much more when its not available.

For me the decks swiper is completely unresponsive to tap or swipe until a system error appears on iOS. For example, the app loads and when you swipe the deck nothing happens, then a low battery system warning appears and, when dismissed, the deck can be swiped.

Hi All,
I started learning Adalo for the sole (at least initial) purpose of making an app which will have the Deck Swipe feature. Have been struggling the Swiper to show anything. Given I am new, I “assumed” that I must be doing something wrong. But now I see that there is indeed an issue with the component with so many of you reporting the issue in the last several days. VERY BAD, This is not cool at all. As a new Adalo developer (but a very experienced engineer otherwise), this is making me question my decision to use the tool?
Why is this problem not solved in so many days and no response from the developers either. ?

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@yelkhayami & @mike-minimumstudio

Any luck with these issues?

No luck buddy, No response

Doesn’t work for me as well.
I’ve submitted the ticket at the end of last week, hopefully the issue will get addressed.


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I have been in contact with the component dev and he is looking into this together with us.